2018-04-19 / Letters

Authors thankful for Courier coverage

To the editor:

Just a few words to commend Courier ad representative and columnist Alex MacPhail for stopping by Trillium gift shop Saturday, March 31 to inquire about our book release “Strength For The Journey,” a co-authored book of photo poems with proceeds donated to the Maine Cancer Foundation.

Between Trillium offering to host the book release, local copier Copy-It working double-time to get printing done in time, McArthur library staff coming by to purchase a book for library purposes, and Alex coming by for photo and interview, and the large number of purchasers, it became a wondrous community affair. The book became a “purpose” for a cause when I was diagnosed with breast cancer as well as for co-author/photographer’s family experience with cancer.

Thank you Alex and Courier for making a difference in our community and thereby supporting Maine Cancer Foundation’s worthy cause.

Sandy Duross and Lynne Gaudette Biddeford

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