2018-05-03 / Community News

Ecology School given donation

The Ecology School has received a donation of $12,000 from Poland Spring Bottling Co. in support of Maine RSU 16’s (Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls) participation in EcosySTEM, a multi-year environmental education program. Poland Spring has supported The Ecology School’s programs with RSU 16 since 2002.

“The generosity of Poland Spring has given the next generation of environmental stewards – students from local Maine schools –opportunities to create meaningful connections to natural resources through experiential learning,” said Drew Dumsch, president and CEO of The Ecology School.

The EcosySTEM program is a curriculum designed for elementary and middle school students and classroom teachers that focuses on scientific field experiences grounded in hands-on, real-world learning opportunities and providing inquirybased opportunities for learning. Students begin in kindergarten and attend outdoor exploration classes each year, culminating in a residential capstone experience and graduation in seventh or eighth grade. EcosySTEM programs use ecology as an integrating context for E-STEM instruction (environment, science, technology, engineering and math), in particular utilizing the outdoor learning environments as a venue for applying E-STEM skills – hands-on activities and lessons that utilize content knowledge and skills application through authentic field experiences.

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