2018-05-03 / Community News

League hopes to inspire

As of May 1, The League for Accelerating Youth has issued a challenge to all residents, schools and organizations of York County to participate in the first Team-Up to Clean Up Challenge. The challenge is to clean up 50 parks or playgrounds and 500 miles of roadsides throughout York County during May.

“We are at a crucial time in the world when youth and adults alike must get back in touch with our inherent power to create the society we want” said league organizer Bill Macomber, a Saco resident. “The purpose of the challenge is to gage our readiness as a community to take our present reality in our own hands and to propel our future in the right direction. Whether we reach the goal this year is not that important. What is important is that more people get involved and participate in life. A fundamental aspect of living is making the world the way we want it. So let us make it pristine.”

The League is nearly finished constructing its website and Facebook page to help promote and track the challenge to York County residents. Through the use of these tools as well as texting, email, and phone calls, volunteers for the league will help people find roads and parks that haven’t already been claimed or cleaned.

For more information, to help with organizing the challenge, or to check in on progress, email WeCleanUp500@gmail.com, call or text 229-5354, or visit www.AccelerateYouth.org.

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