2018-06-07 / Letters

Candidate will represent us well

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Lori Gramlich who is running to be the Old Orchard Beach Democratic candidate for the Maine House of Representatives.

Recently I had an opportunity to talk with Lori as she was making her on-foot canvassing of this entire town. I was impressed with her energy and her range of ideas for improving our area, especially for our year-round residents. From our alarming, even dangerous, traffic patterns to the lack of off-season employment opportunities in this town, she has ideas that would help Old Orchard Beach grow both in economic terms and in livability issues.

Lori’s experience as a social worker advocating for people in Augusta, and her experience as a small business owner in Old Orchard Beach give her varying perspectives that allow her to understand and address the difficult issues of our community. Her years of work in Augusta enable Lori to understand and navigate that complex system.

This country needs a new generation of talented political leaders to arise on every level of government. And here, at our local level, is our opportunity to elect a superb candidate. Lori Gramlich brings a fresh face and new ideas to address the needs of our community. I urge Old Orchard Beach residents to vote for Lori on June 12.

Ralph Newell Old Orchard Beach

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