2018-06-07 / Letters

Support school budget at polls

To the editor:

Did you know that only 37 percent of Saco students meet state standards in math while only 52 percent meet state standards in English? Two-thirds of Maine districts offer a pre-kindergarten program, but not Saco. How about that we spend less than the state average per pupil on education? In fact, we’re 15th out of 18 comparison districts in York and Cumberland counties in terms of spending. It probably won’t surprise you to find out that the top districts in both math and English proficiency are also among the top spenders. Although I believe you get what you pay for, the fact is that we’ve been getting a good deal.

Saco students achieve test results similar to the state average for below average costs. However, I know we can do better and this budget is a good start. Costing the average Saco household only an additional 30 cents a day, we get a pre-kindergarten program, interventionists to help with English and math, enhanced special education resources and safe and reliable transportation for our kids. For pennies a day, this budget funds important steps toward becoming a great school district. You can learn more about how to support our schools, why this budget is important and join a group of interested parents and citizens by going to https://www.facebook.com/sacosteam/ or sacosteam.org. I hope you’ll join me by voting yes”and supporting our kids.

Mike Burman Saco

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