2018-06-07 / Letters

The choice is clear

To the editor:

The time is here to get involved and put people in Augusta who will fight for us. It is also time to rid Augusta of conventional candidates who accept big cash donations and then provide favors in return.

We have two clear choices, one is Justin Chenette running for re-election to the Senate and the other is Lori Gramlich who is running for House District 13. Both candidates are running a Clean Election and if elected will owe no favors and can work hard to represent the people of Old Orchard Beach. I have only known Lori for a short time but have been so impressed with her relentless effort to help others move forward. She has been walking house-to-house listening and taking notes of what the people want. She will be ready when she gets to Augusta, so she can truly represent the people. The integrity, character and drive of this woman are nothing short of amazing. She will work tirelessly to make the needed changes we have waited so long for. You too can be part of this change by voting for Lori Gramlich, truly the clear choice.

Guy A. Fontaine Old Orchard Beach

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