2018-06-14 / Letters

Space on Main Street is abused

To the editor:

I was very pleased to see the June 7 front page photograph that illustrated the article about the removal of the trees on Main Street in Biddeford. However, not because of the trees but instead because it showed an on going problem that needs to be addressed by the Biddeford Police Department.

It’s the “no parking” space in front of McArthur Library shown on the right side of the picture in last weeks issue. The red car is clearly in a no parking spot as stated by the signs which state, that there is no parking from the handicap parking to the crosswalk. This goes on constantly, and as one who uses the handicap space, trying to pull in between two cars is difficult. I have problems with my neck and back and can’t turn my head. I need the space between the handicap space and the crosswalk to pull in and back up and to get out.

I’m tired of finding cars parked there, people who don’t care or who can’t read. There needs to be a giant cross or lines painted there to prevent this. I hope the powers that be take another look at last week’s picture and see the problem.

Steven Burr Biddeford

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