2018-06-21 / News

Marie A. Laverriere

Life Coaching is a growing profession. I have created a comprehensive, holistic, certificate program called Life Coaching School. Are you ready for an exciting new career? Are you attracted in helping people find purpose in their lives? If you are seeking a new career this 10 month program may be just for you. This program has been created to allow students who work at full time jobs be able to fit both (work & classes) into their busy schedules. Please view the web site for more details on days, hours of class time and cost (www.lifecoach333.com).

We will cover many aspects of wellbeing from a holistic perspective of mind, body and soul. Students will learn skills and tools in dealing with clients’many blocks to creating the life they desire. If you have any questions or are interested in knowing more about this program call Marie 207-205-2521.

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