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Volunteers, books and museum visit

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By Leslie Rounds

Volunteers! How could we function without all of you very dear, extra-generous people? We have three major fundraising events each year that are completely dependent on the work of volunteers. The Festival of Trees, the Giant Yard Sale, and the annual Book Sale could not begin to function without your valuable – critical – work. Last month volunteers put in countless hours sorting all manner of stuff for our annual yard sale. When it was all sorted and priced, you carried it outside and sold it. We made more than $2,000 through your efforts. Starting on Friday, July 13, volunteers will step in again to carry down all of the book sale books, arrange them on tables and then beginning on July 21, sell them. The Festival of Trees, next winter, will rely on volunteer work to sell sponsorships and advertising, to decorate trees and to show off the display to visitors. Altogether, we raise more than $30,000 a year on these three events. What would we do without you?

About that book sale … It looks to be as large as ever, judging by the enormous collection of bags and boxes of books waiting to be carried down from the attic. As always, the sale books will be thoroughly sorted so that you can readily find exactly what you’re looking for. And they’ll be priced to go.

What can you expect to find? I know we have quite a few antique books again. Lately, there have been many donations of high quality non-fiction, especially books about American history – always a popular topic. There seem to be lots of children’s book, too. The book sale is the perfect time to start to create a personal library for your children or grandchildren. Every child deserves to own books.

Cookbooks are always popular and I know we have a bumper crop of those. Knitting books. Painting books. Books about how to attract birds to your yard and how to build just the right houses and feeders for them. Books about gardening and plants and that plants will attract birds to your yard. Books about people – famous people and a few you’ve probably forgotten about but, maybe you should know, just the same. Tons – literally – of fiction, organized by author. Tables and tables and tables of mass market paperbacks. Lots of audio books and DVDs and even some remaining videos.

You get the picture. You need books. We’ve got books to sell. So, see you on July 21, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and all the following week for your shopping pleasure. And don’t forget to visit the exhibit at Saco Museum that’s all about Laurel Hill Cemetery and the people who are buried there. See you soon.

Leslie Rounds is executive director of Dyer Library/Saco Museum.

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