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RIGHT: Malinda Gaudette shows the large selection of keys available at EKeys 4Cars, for almost all makes and models. RIGHT: Malinda Gaudette shows the large selection of keys available at EKeys 4Cars, for almost all makes and models. EKeys 4cars

Keys are a way of life for Melinda and Steven Gaudette at EKeys 4Cars. Located at Route 1 in Saco, EKeys 4Cars is the number one provider of transponder keys in the eastern New England area. Originally from Caribou, proprietor Melinda Gaudette, along with locksmith Steven, relocated from Florida to open the shop,. “Saco has a small town feel, and that is something we wanted to be a part of,” said Gaudette as she explained about all of the services provided by Ekeys, including, ignition system service, replacement of lost keys, road service, providing a place for a spare keys and more, for almost all makes and models. “You don’t have to go to the dealership and spend all kinds of money for a spare key,” said Malinda. Up until recently, the technology to provide keys has been expensive to after-market suppliers, if available at all. A combination of new technology and the increased number of transponder equipped cars, has made it economically feasible for after-market services. Owner Jim Broadhurst began the business in 2003 in New Hampshire and now owns two locations, one in North Andover and the new Saco location which opened earlier this year. With the number of keys, that can’t be provided by the local hardware store, EKeys4Cars has become a necessity for the motoring public.

Ekeys 4Cars is located at 810 Portland Rd. Saco,

Telephone 207-494-7901

Visit them on the web at www.ekeys4cars.com

Society is changing and people are at a crossroads when it comes to their health.

It is this reason that Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Biddeford is seeing a new level of folks seeking treatment.

The body is a complex and integrated system where physical, mental and chemical stressors play a vital role in one’s ability to gain and maintain overall health and wellbeing.

We know that without addressing these elements, true healing cannot be obtained.

“We work with people who experience chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD – people who aren’t looking for a quick fix,” said Dr. Ellie Rolnick. “They want to dig in and really take care of themselves.”

Because of the national opioid crisis, it’s evident that people are in pain and looking for a solution.

“When you’re prescribed more medication, it gets into a vicious cycle,” Dr. Ellie said, adding that an chiropractic adjustments can be helpful in that situation, in addition to other types of therapy.

Owners Andrey and Irina Malayev of L&L Jewelers Owners Andrey and Irina Malayev of L&L Jewelers Dr. Ellie wants people to know and understand that the body can heal by teaching the brain how to produce more relaxing brain waves. How does that happen?

“Brain Tap Technology, for example, uses lights, sounds andguided imagery that helps us achieve mental and emotional balance.”

There are more than 850 different Brain Tap programs that address issues from chronic pain and weight management to how to decrease stress, phobias and bad habits.

In addition to Brain Tap, the center is now utilizing a therapy called neurofeedback “Using computerized images the brain responds when it is being successful at changing to more appropriate patterns,” Dr. Ellie says. “This is a gradual learning process and applies to many aspects of brain function that we can measure.”

Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain disregulation and includes the anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, various sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, PMS and emotional disturbances.

“The Chiropractic adjustment itself is known to change neural pathways but we live in a society where most people don’t eat, think or move well. The adjustment is not enough anymore,” Dr. Ellie says.

In a world when people younger than 40 are on multiple medications, Dr. Ellie encourages individuals to take hold of their health and well being. Since insurance is designed to cover pain or illness, Dr. Ellie has tried to pare down the fees for services offered at the center.

“It’s mind boggling how high medical costs are but if you spend a little on ongoing care and divide that by 12, it’s less than a car payment for your health,” she says.

To learn more, visit www.rolnickchirpractic.com.

QUALITY PRODUCTS Bob knows that different windows allow for different types of treatments and he explains the options that are going to QUALITY PRODUCTS Bob knows that different windows allow for different types of treatments and he explains the options that are going to With over 100 years experience in the business, Twin City Gold is here to help

Customers would be hard pressed to find a staff with more experience than the team at Twin City Gold on Alfred Street in Biddeford.

Originally founded in 1964, sparked from a passion for coins and currency, Twin City Gold has been serving the community for over five decades. In 1990, what was formerly known as the Biddeford Saco Coin shop, expanded into Twin City Gold with an added focus on jewelry. Over the years they have had the opportunity to grow the business to be able to incorporate and offer new services for customers.

Twin City Gold specializes in buying and selling almost any items of value. These items include, but are not limited to: diamonds, jewelry, wrist watches, pocket watches, gold, silver and collectible coins, bullion, paper money, antiques, collectibles and much more! They also welcome large collections and estates. Twin City’s offerings include full service jewelry repair, watch repair and batteries, collateral loans on items of value as well as on the spot evaluations on most items.

work best for his clients. He offers products to suit all design styles and settings, from traditional to contemporary, for residential or commercial, including: • Shades, blinds and verticals, including the work best for his clients. He offers products to suit all design styles and settings, from traditional to contemporary, for residential or commercial, including: • Shades, blinds and verticals, including the Twin City Gold’s team of specialists, combined, have more than 100 years of experience in the business. They have a GIA accredited diamond specialist on site as well as their original founder, with 55 years of expertise in coins. Their jewelry repair specialist is a 4th generation jeweler with 30 years of personal experience.

All transactions are done in a professional and friendly manner with no pressure to buy or sell. Their staff takes pride in sharing their knowledge and experience to give customers the information needed to make informed decisions.

Twin City Gold has thousands of pieces of estate jewelry on site, priced at just a fraction of the cost you would pay at a traditional jewelry store! They also have a vast selection of coins, paper currency, watches, gold and silver bullion and antiques. Please visit their retail location to view any items of interest!

Their secure facility is located directly across from the Biddeford Police station, at 38 Alfred Street. They are always offering the highest cash prices for your valuables as well as offering collateral loans.

For more information, please call (207)282-6717, or stop by their retail location. They are open 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, as well Saturday 9 to 3.

A Buyer’s Guide To Windows From A-B.E.S.T. WINDOW

There are several good questions a homeowner should ask any company when they are considering replacing their windows. Where is the window made and why is it important to buy local? A-B.E.S.T. windows are made in Maine. Studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally-owned business, rather than nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses and service providers. Buying from a locally-owned company also allows the business to hire more local people. How long has the company been in business and is the company a franchise or locally owned? A-B.E.S.T Window is a Maine familyowned business that has installed over 225,000 windows since 1985. A franchisee’s warranty is only good as long as that franchise owner stays in business. Many local franchises have come and gone over the years leaving the homeowner with a piece of paper that is not worth a thing. As A-B.E.S.T. Window is both the manufacturer and installer, we are able to offer a 20-year comprehensive warranty on both the components and labor. Why pay $800, $1000, $1200 or more per window? We have heard stories of other companies charging this amount or more per window! Over the last two years we have replaced over 5,000 Andersen windows. If the window is truly custom made to fit the current window opening there should be no need for costly carpentry. Why is the best choice solid reinforced vinyl windows? Wood swells in wet weather and shrinks in the heat, it also needs painting and staining to keep it from rotting. An A-BEST solid reinforced vinyl window is truly the answer if you want a maintenance free window. Why do some window companies insist on pressure selling, forcing me to make a quick decision instead of letting me do some comparison shopping? The reason these companies are willing to give you such a “great deal” tonight and only tonight is because they know if you comparison shop you will find a better deal. Insist on comparison shopping and don’t be pressured into quick decisions. The science and engineering of the A-B.E.S.T. Window will demonstrate to homeowners why the A-B.E.S.T. Window is the superior choice over anything else on the market today. Please call A-B.E.S.T. Window in: • South Portland 799-6771 • Kennebunk 985-8889 • Brunswick 729-0777 To schedule your free in-home estimate.


Family owned and operated for more than 15 years, L & L Jewelers gives you a unique personal and exciting experience. The mission of L & L Jewelers has always been to make your experience like none other, providing the best of professionalism, honesty, and expertise in the business.

Whether you are in the market for a new watch, engagement or wedding rings, or want to create a one-of-a-kind customdesigned piece, Andrey and Irina will do their best to meet, or even exceed your expectations.

L&L Jewelers offers a beautiful selection of fine jewelry, including diamond and gemstone rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, pearls, watches and more. Andrey and Irina choose high quality unique products to showcase in their store where customers are never pressured to buy something they don’t love.

Aside from offering new jewelry, L&L Jewelers can help you repurpose the jewelry you already own. Andrey says the trend in the past decade has been to reuse jewelry, adding that he can make a new ring from an old one or transfer a gemstone from one piece to another.

If you have a specific design in mind or want an original piece, L&L Jewelers offers custom design services. Andrey works with customers to make their own sketches come to life, or to create custom designs using new materials or personal gemstones and gold. Most custom pieces are ready in less than a week. L & L Jewelers offers bridal jewelry lines, including engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry for special occasions.

Finding a jeweler to make repairs in a timely manner can be difficult, but Andrey and Irina can help customers in a matter of hours. Most repairs take between 15 minutes and two days to complete and all jewelry repairs are done right at the store.

L & L Jewelers also offers cash for scrap gold, silver, platinum and large diamonds. Customers who bring their jewelry to the store can have it tested and evaluated with no obligation to sell in a matter of minutes!

The high-quality products and exceptional customer service at L & L Jewelers have earned the business a reputation of honesty, integrity and quality. Store hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesdays through Fridays and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

For more information, call 303-3010 or visit their website at www.landljewelers.com.

Have It All With Curtain Call: Shop-at-Home Convenience, Decades of Experience, Quality Products, Excellent Prices and Satisfied Customers!


Are you in need of custom window treatments? Want to save time and energy at the same time? You can shop without having to leave your home or office, because Curtain Call’s Bob Moses brings his personalized service and full-service showroom right to your door. Bob’s clients deal with him from start to finish. DECADES OF WINDOW DESIGN EXPERIENCE

Bob has sold thousands of high quality custom window treatments in the Greater Portland area for the past 18 years. He has also designed windows for clients in the North Shore of Massachusetts and Manhattan, following a family tradition dating back to 1947. latest cordless technology for insulating cell shades that reduce energy bills

Shutters, reasonably priced from a great line

Fabric treatments, such as drapery, valances and Roman shades • Accessories, such as pillows, bedspreads, cushions and custom seat covers EXCELLENT PRICES Bob offers quality window treatments at box store prices. He will work with customers’ own fabrics at no additional charge. He offers top notch products at medium range prices along with high customer service. There is no charge for his initial consultation and installation is free. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS

Bob has impeccable service. He is responsive and has many loyal, long-term and satisfied customers, many of whom would be happy to provide references. Some of his commercial work includes Yankee Ford in South Portland, Saco-Biddeford Savings Bank and dozens of Key Banks all over the state. Curtain Call was voted “Best of the Best” in the annual local business rankings survey for the past seven years. Call 885- 5760 to schedule a free consultation.

Visit www.bobscurtaincall.com for photos of Bob’s designs.

Take your body to the next level at Maine Laser Skin Care and Medi Spa

At Maine Laser Skin Care and Medi Spa, staff want their clients to walk away looking refreshed, natural.

“We’re not trying to sell clients fillers they don’t need,” said Christine Burke, RN, and co-owner of the business. “When someone has an enhancement, it should be subtle.”

Burke and her husband, Dr. John Burke, opened Maine Laser Skin Care and Medi Spa in May at 438 U.S. Route 1 in Scarborough and say the community couldn’t have been more welcoming. Conveniently located on Route 1, clients don’t have to fight Portland traffic to get the latest, top notch services in skin care and medi spa treatments.

From facials with aestheticion Tori Zimmerman to microneedling and laser treatments, staff at the practice can resolve skin conditions such as facial veins, sun spots and scarring. Their techniques also produce great success in eradicating facial hair and spider veins.

Clients can try CoolScuplting, a revolutionary body contouring system that doesn’t involve surgery and is non invasive. Burke says CoolSculpting is ideal for stubborn fat pockets that aren’t eliminated through diet or exercise alone.

In addition, Maine Laser Skin Care has been rated as one of the top providers of Botox in the state and are in the top 3 percent nationally.

Finally, for those clients who are interested in thicker, fuller eyelashes without the expense and need for frequent refilling, Maine Laser Skin Care offers Latisse, a solution that stimulates the growth of eyelashes.

The staff at Maine Laser Skin Care and Medi Spa are tight knit and work together to do what’s best for the client.

“When someone comes in with sun damage, we suggest they first have a facial to remove the dead skin and get a better look at damaged areas,” Burke said. “It helps cut down on the number of laser treatments.”

The Burkes are happy to continue to “Beautify Maine, one face at a time,” at this, their second location in Maine – their first being in Augusta. For more information about the variety of services they offer, visit www.mainelaserskincare.com.

Webb Law Firm

The Webb Law Firm would like to introduce our newest member to the team: Family Law Attorney Cailley E. Bonti. Cailley, originally from Bath, is a family law attorney working as an Associate Attorney with us now in Saco, Maine and graduated from the University of Southern Maine where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics and was a member and Cailley then went on to the University of Maine School of Law in Portland. During her time in law school, Cailley volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) guardian court involving cases of abused and neglected children. Cailley also spent a summer externing at the Lewiston District Court where she worked closely with Maine District Court judges and magistrates. Cailley then Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic serving as the Cushman B. Anthony Fellow where she represented clients as a student attorney and performed policy work on child-based related issues. During her time as a student attorney, Cailley represented numerous clients in juvenile defense, criminal defense, child protective, and family law matters. Cailley previously worked as a legal assistant at Webb Law Firm. Cailley is a member of the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Maine State Bar Association, York County Bar Association and is licensed to practice in both state and federal courts in Maine!

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

with regional resources. Our expert legal team and scope of practice is focused on serving the people of York County and Southern Maine with the same results.

Our practice areas include Personal Injury, Family Law, Worker’s Compensation, Nursing Home Abuse, Criminal and Civil Defense, OUI, Litigation, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Elder Law, Employment, and Corporate and Saco and Portland as well as Concord, Dover, and Manchester, New Hampshire.

Shaheen & Gordon is your full-service law throughout northern New England.

For more information, visit www.ShaheenGordon.com

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