2018-09-06 / Editorial

Libby Library: When temperatures cool, event schedule heats up

By Bob Cochran

I was enjoying the view from the window in Libby Library’s Adult Stress Free Zone when I saw our mascot, Libby Lobster, struggling with a pile of discarded beach toys. I let my curiosity get the best of me and went outside to investigate.

“Libby, what’s with all these discarded inflatable beach toys?”

“Promise you won’t laugh.”

“OK. I promise.”

“They’re part of my community outreach project.”

“Community outreach? Libby, the people that pile of junk will appeal to are process servers ... and maybe a few art critics.”

“Let me explain. I’m going to stitch them together and make the Libby Library Blimp. Soon our staff will be soaring high and dropping books on an adoring public.”

“Libby, if I was beaned by a copy of ‘War and Peace’ dropped from 5,000 feet, I don’t think the emotion I’d be feeling would be adoration.”

“Maybe I should work on my idea a bit more.”

While Libby works on his idea, we’ll tell you about a community outreach project that will likely be more successful than Libby’s. Our children’s librarian, Kim McLaughlin, is looking for day care centers and preschools here in Old Orchard Beach that would be interested in having Kim come and do a story time with reading and some fun filled arts and crafts, once a month. If you own or operate a day care center or preschool and would be interested in having her visit, please email her at juvenileservices@ooblibrary.org or call 934-4351.

Libby then rushed back into the room and exclaimed, “You reminded me of something.”

“What’s that, Libby?”

“You mentioned art critics earlier. That reminded me of art, which then reminded me that this fall’s portrait sessions start next week.”

“That’s right, Libby. The first of our three monthly portrait sessions is coming up on Thursday, Sept. 13 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in our Community Room here at the library. Both beginners and experienced artists are welcome. There will be live models, but we do ask that you bring your own supplies. The dates two subsequent sessions are Oct. 11 and Nov. 8.”

Libby then interrupted me and asked, “Will I get to teach an art class again?”

“I doubt it, especially after your underwater oil painting class.”

“What the heck? So I forgot about that whole oil and water thing. You gotta admit it was fun seeing the seagulls look like flying easter eggs for a few weeks.”

“...and you did look like a Jackson Pollock painting while testifying in front of the state Senate.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Libby interjected. “That reminds me, our own state senator, Justin Chenette, will be holding office hours here at the library this Saturday, Sept. 8 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Anyone is welcome to come in and chat, ask questions or share concerns.”

“I have a question for him already,” Libby exclaimed. ”Since it’s unsafe to fly my blimp at heights over 5 feet, should I get a pilot’s or a driver’s license?”

“Libby, I’m beginning to think we should wrap things up. We’ll be back in three weeks with some exciting news about the return of our Saturday Matinee Family Film Series and new adult and family programming for fall and winter. We also have the FOLL end of season book sale in preparation for closing up the Book Shed until next summer and some great Halloween things in the works for next month, too. Until then, keep checking our website, ooblibrary.org, or our Facebook page for more news and updates.

Bob Cochran is a volunteer at Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach and jazz director at WMPG in Portland.

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