2018-09-13 / Letters

Senator works for the people, not politics

To the editor:

As someone who is a military veteran, lives in Saco, and works in Old Orchard Beach, I’m supporting Sen. Justin Chenette for re-election.

Justin is not a typical politician. He actually cares and stands up for people.

While attending the University of Southern Maine through the Veterans GI Bill I got to a point where I had attained 216 credits. I needed 120 credits to graduate. However, with a full-time job I could not enroll or get the support needed to finish program requirements. The veteran support staff at USM are fantastic and they are as exhausted and frustrated with the bureaucracy within that system as I am. Most veterans know that you write a letter to your congressman and they write a letter to the school and that goes nowhere.

I decided to email Justin and explained what was happening. Within hours I had a response from Justin that he had already contacted the school and I could expect to hear something soon. I didn’t expect much. To my surprise I received an email from the veteran support staffer asking if I would meet with the provost herself. We worked out a plan and I finally received my Bachelors of Science Degree. Justin went straight to the top and contacted the president of the university and put himself out there for someone he didn’t know. It turns out that I was not the only veteran having issues and at least five others were in similar circumstances. Because of his advocacy, Justin helped six veterans that day.

Justin Chenette truly works for the people of our community.

Joseph Cooper

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