2018-10-04 / Community News

AWS introduces Rescue Readers

The Animal Welfare Society announced a new literary program for elementary school-aged children called Rescue Readers.

Rescue Readers brings students and animals awaiting adoption at AWS together for a half hour of literarybased confidence building through reading aloud. While providing enrichment and positive socialization for the animal, it boosts confidence in children, and gives students a safe space to build a positive association with reading.

As creator of Rescue Readers, AWS’ Humane Educator Brie Roche explains, “Reading can be a big challenge for students, and even more so, reading out loud to peers can be a scary undertaking. As a Rescue Reader, students will have the opportunity to practice their reading to the best crowd they could ask for - animals. Research has shown that practicing reading to animals boosts a reader’s confidence, makes their practice time more effective, and in turn, boosts their reading skills. I’ll be there to guide the students with reading comprehension and help them make the most of their time at AWS.”

Students interested in Rescue Readers, along with their parents, must first complete an orientation session Roche. During the orientation, students will get an overview of the program and learn basic body language for both cats and dogs. After completing orientation, students will receive a Rescue Reader badge. As certified Rescue Readers, they will be welcome to come to the drop in reader hours (Tuesdays 1 to 2 p.m. and Thursdays 3 to 4 p.m.). As with most AWS Youth programs, Rescue Readers will follow the RSU school calendar and will not be offered on snow days, holidays or vacation days.

Parents can register their children for the program by visiting http://animalwelfaresociety.org/youth/literacy/.

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