2018-10-04 / Letters

Candidate isn’t part of ‘chaos’ in Augusta

To the editor:

This letter is in support of Sharri MacDonald for state representative. I am a Democrat who is going to jump party lines in support of Sharri.

I have known this young lady for years and she has done nothing but good, not only for this community, but for people throughout the state of Maine. She’s honest, kind, loving and sincere and works hard for all of us, not for personal gain.

The so called divisiveness and chaos is a crock. It has to do with the fact that Ms. MacDonald is not a part of the good old boy’s networking here in Old Orchard Beach that has been plaguing her conscience and does what is best for all, be it Democrat, Republican or Independent. Please help me in supporting Sharri MacDonald as our state representative.

Sonia Simpson Gardner Old Orchard Beach

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