2018-10-11 / Letters

Reader takes endorsement seriously

To the editor,

As a resident of Old Orchard Beach, I’ve watched the tides rise and fall for many years. Both actual tides and political tides exert great influence upon our community.

This year, George Hogan will not run for our House of Representatives seat and that caused me some dismay until I read his letter this past week in the Courier.

His endorsement of Lori Gramlich came as a bit of a surprise because George has never activity promoted or disparaged any candidates in our community. He’s always remained impartial, balanced and fair.

And so, I’ve taken a closer look at each of the current candidates. I’ve examined their backgrounds, their education, their involvement in local business and community affairs and their professional experience in dealing with the complexities of government and representation.

While I encourage every voter to examine the credentials of both candidates, I’m with George on this one: Lori Gramlich is the next high tide for Old Orchard Beach.

Cris Edward Johnson Old Orchard Beach

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