2018-10-11 / Letters

Rep uses common sense approach

To the editor,

Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure to get to know my state representative, Donna Bailey from House District 14. Donna takes an intelligent and common sense approach to the job of representative and combines that with a great sense of compassion and caring.

She stands up for our most vulnerable residents by being a strong advocate for children and seniors. She works to protect public schools because she knows that access to a quality education represents the most American value of equal opportunity. She has been a tireless advocate for seniors and was a champion for LD1196, a law that assists qualifying seniors with paying their property taxes, so they can avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.

Donna is also a courageous voice in the Legislature. She is not afraid to stand up against the status quo if she believes the conventional wisdom is wrong. She has shown her willingness to rise above partisan bickering and establishment pressure, to do what is right for her constituents and all Mainers. You can be sure that every decision and vote is arrived at through a thorough examination of the facts and with a mind toward how this will affect the people of Maine. That is integrity, and is something that is becoming increasing rare in politics today.

Residents of House District 14 have an easy choice this November. Donna Bailey is a true representative, and that is why she will get my vote.

Dylan Stark Saco

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