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Resident supports development

To the editor,

I’d like to comment on Abigail Worthing’s article “Horton Woods-is now the right time to develop?” in the Oct. 4 issue of the Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier.

The article gave an unfair impression of the tenor of the Monday, Oct. 1 public hearing. Although, indeed, many residents came forward to speak in favor of the project during the hearing, only three are quoted. Instead the article seems focused on “some” who “wonder if the project may not be right for the current climate.” Comments at the hearing were overwhelmingly in favor of a yes vote on the Horton Woods contract zone.

For more than a decade, this project has been in development, having been recommended three times by the planning board to the council. Despite issues with previous developers that have stalled the subdivision piece of the project, the keystone Horton Woods trail system and preserve was established in good faith and has long been an established and popular part of our city. We have benefited as individuals, as taxpayers and as a community from this rich resource. The 55-plus subdivision piece, the focus of the public hearing, is a high-density cluster development alternative to the conventional subdivision of detached housing developments.

At the Oct. 1 hearing, I spoke to the point that seniors are a diverse group and that as individuals we want the freedom to choose low maintenance, high density housing, in a small neighborhood within a lovely natural setting. I am in total support of the goal of Smart Growth Planning and making Saco an “Age Friendly” community, which will provide a rich, vital and safe home for the many seniors who currently and in the future will make southern Maine their home. That said, not everyone can thrive in a city setting, and our citizens deserve the freedom to choose from a range of housing options.

Donna Ravn Saco

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