2018-10-11 / Letters

The Legislature needs more like him

To the editor,

In today’s political environment it isn’t too often that anyone can be proud of who is representing them, at any level, but I can. Justin Chenette has been my state representative and now senator. I have canvassed for him and he is always quick to respond to any emails I send him.

Though I agree with 95 percent of his positions the one that I find so important is money in politics. As a Wolf PAC (a political action committee to get money out of politics through article 5 of the constitution) volunteer he has been a great help in trying to get our initiative passed in the state of Maine as it has in five other states. I know when it does pass Justin will have an integral part of making that happen. Money in politics is something that we all can agree is a bad thing regardless of political affiliation.

This current state of legalized bribery has an effect on our environment, criminal justice system, banking, our food of course our health care.

I, like many others, are tired of voting for the lessor of two evils, and the reason why that has been happening is corporations are buying politicians on both sides so that no matter who wins the election the corporations always wins. Justin has stood against this corrupt system constantly and has done nothing for me to question my faith in him to do the right thing and to vote in the best interest of his constituents and the people of Maine.

I have known Justin for many years and the one thing that sets him apart from anyone else is his work ethic. He is always working, always making an appearance at charity event or Boy Scout meeting. Despite beating Barry Hobbins (a long time Saco politician) in the Democratic Primary then winning in a landslide he is always trying to earn your vote.

Finally I’d like to call out something that he said in one of his ads that fully demonstrates that we need many more like Justin in politics both at the state level and at the national level as well, which I sincerely hope that he gets to, “This is not my seat, it’s your seat.”

Lance Courtois Saco

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