2018-11-08 / Editorial

A Thanksgiving month stuffed with events

By Bob Cochran

I was about to pay an overdue fine at Libby Library’s circulation desk when I noticed something unusual about our mascot, Libby Lobster. He was in his usual place on the shelves, but he was sporting a large, fake moustache.

“Libby, what’s with the moustache?”

“There are two reasons, one being that you humans are celebrating Movember, moustache and beard-growing month.”

“And the other?”

“It’s how we lobsters celebrate Thanksgiving.”

“You celebrate Thanksgiving by wearing fake moustaches?”

“It goes back to Great, Great Uncle Latham, who cleverly escaped being the main entree at the first Thanksgiving with some quick thinking. He made a fake moustache from some corn silk. He was soon noticed by Miles Standish, who asked ‘Who are you, and where is our dinner?’”

“’I am master magician Murray the Magnificent’, Uncle Latham exclaimed. He then picked up a gunnysack, which he quickly fashioned into the first ziplock bag. He then fumbled around until he found a frozen turkey carcass dropped by a passing buzzard. He took the frozen turkey, put it in the ziplock bag and threw it into the fire.”

“What now?” John Alden asked. “Just check it in two-anda half, three hours. I guarantee it’ll be magic.”

Uncle Latham hastily improvised while making his escape through the rising smoke.

“The rest of the day the women did most of the work preparing the feast while the men invented a game involving an odd shaped ball and lots of rules, then spent hours watching other pilgrims play it. When it came time to eat, they noticed that the main course, namely Uncle Latham, was gone. Someone then went over to the fire, fished out the turkey and said ‘I guess we gotta eat this thing and the rest is history, as they say...’”

“Libby, I don’t know what nether reaches of space you pull your stories from.”

“Well, if you find it, you can take a picture of it once you attend our photography program.”

“You mean Basics of Night Sky Photography, being presented by astrophotographer Mike Taylor that’s coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 13 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.? Are you going, Libby?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Mike’s presentation will cover the equipment, camera settings, composition, post-production programs and applications, along with the varied techniques that you’ll need to take beautiful photographs of the Moon, the Milky Way, the Aurora Borealis, Aunt Aurora’s cornish hen …”

“Your Aunt Aurora’s cornish hen is a night sky object?”

“It was since Grandpa Lorenzo accidentally put a tank of rocket fuel on the outdoor cooker.”

“You and your games, Libby.”

“Speaking of games, we’re bringing Mahjong to the library on Thursdays from noon 2 p.m. Beginners and experienced players are both welcome.

“Speaking of Thursdays, we should mention that Libby Library will be closed Thursday, Nov. 22 and Friday, Nov. 23 for the Thanksgiving holiday.”

“Oh Libby, do you play Mahjong?”

“The whole family plays and when you have 75,000 participants, it can get pretty ugly.”

“Glad you said ugly, Libby. It reminds me that the library’s having its first Ugly Sweater Contest this year. Those who wish to participate can stop by to have their photo taken during library hours between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1. The sweater can either be self-created or store-bought, as long as it’s family friendly. The photos will be posted on our Facebook page from through Dec. 19 for voting. Make sure to vote for your favorite in each catagory. Winners will be announced on Dec. 21. Prizes include a pair of movie tickets for kids 12 and younger, a Bull Moose gift certificate for the teens and a gift certificate from one of the local restaurants for adults.”

“That’s not the only holiday oriented event coming up,” Libby interjected. “On Tuesday, Nov. 27 from 6 to 7 p.m., we’ll be having a mosaic suncatcher/holiday ornament workshop in the Community Room. There is a $10 fee for supplies, which will be waived for the first 10 people who register by emailing director@ooblibrary org.”

“Phew, Libby, we have a lot of events to tell folks about in the coming months. One thing we should mention is that the library will provide an interpreter for anyone hearingimpaired who would like to attend one of our programs. Just make sure to give us two weeks notice to schedule the interpreter.”

Before we go, we’ll just remind you to check our website, ooblibrary.org or our Facebook page, for updates on events and closure notices during winter months.

Bob Cochran is a volunteer at Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach and jazz director at WMPG in Portland.

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