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Good deeds, ugly sweaters won’t go unnoticed at Libby Library in OOB

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By Bob Cochran

I was making my way toward Libby Library to see if it had obtained the bestselling biography about Clarisse Crimsnaggle, developer of the iKumquat,which allowed you to download the latest hit melodies while enjoying the flavor of a succulent, delicious citrus fruit at the same time.

I was almost there when I noticed our mascot, Libby Lobster, making some rather odd shapes out of snow.

“What are you making, Libby?” I asked.

“It was supposed to be a snow lobster, but it’s turning into a snow Rorschach test. I may make it into a snow amoeba, and with luck, in a few million years it’ll evolve into a snow lobster.”

“Libby, why don’t we go inside, get warm and vote on some ugly sweaters.”

“Sounds good to me. By the way, did I tell you that it was my famous Uncle Lorenzo that invented the ugly holiday sweater?”

“Isn’t that the one who’s always messing around with rockets?” I queried.

“That’s right. He also fancied himself as a bit if a fashion designer, too. One year, in order to impress his latest heartthrob, Clarabelle Quahog, he designed an incredibly beautiful sweater he was going to wear to a fashion show in which Clarabelle was working as a model.”

“The sweater was a creative success, with the exception that he mixed up his waterproofing chemicals with the adhesive from the military grade flypaper he was developing.”

“Nevertheless, everything went great until he decided to do some ice skating. He was putting on a lobster ice capades until a flaw in the ice caused him to fall onto the fashion show’s buffet table. He was embarrassed to find himself covered in bratwurst, and even more embarrassed to find that the bratwurst was stuck to his sweater. This turn of events was not going to do at all and then, things got worse still when he found himself attracting the fancy of the many neighborhood dogs.”

“He then found himself inadvertently inventing the sport of speed skating in his attempt to flee the hounds. Soon, he became exhausted and decided to disguise himself as a Christmas tree by raiding a wreath-making contest and covering himself with pine branches and candy canes. He soon discovered that trying to hide from dogs disguised as a tree was a big mistake.”

“He eventually did make it to Clarabelle’s fashion show and on beholding Lorenzo’s pine, candy cane and sausage covered sweater, declared that it was so ugly, it was beautiful. Thus the ugly sweater concept was born.”

“Wow. That is quite a story Libby, but we’d better get to the real point of the story and talk about the library’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest, taking place now through Dec. 21. Come on down and get your ugly sweater picture taken by Dec. 11. Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page for voting through Dec. 20 and winners will be announced Dec. 21. Remember, we’ve got some awesome prizes for the winners, check them out on our website.”

“We also have some great holiday fun in store this weekend. We’ll decorate gingerbread men 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 8 in the Community Room. Then, next Saturday, at 10:30 a.m. on Dec. 15, we’ll make new ornaments out of old holiday cards using geometry, as our STEAMy Saturday activity for December.”

We’d like to remind folks to take advantage of the Fine Free Period in effect until Dec. 11. This is the perfect opportunity to get those overdue items back to the library and help your community. Do you have overdue items sitting at home right now? Have you incurred overdue fines that are still on your card? Just bring overdue items back along with new, and in the package, personal care items such as shampoo, soap and deodorant and any overdue fine you have will be forgiven. The personal care items will be donated to the Old Orchard Beach Community Food Pantry. Even if you don’t owe any fines, please feel free to donate any of the personal care items that are listed on our website or available at the library, in order to help this charitable cause”

“Libby, I know you’re always attempting to write the great crustacean novel, so you and the many other creative members of the community will be pleased to know that we’ve added more sessions for the library’s Writers’ Group. The next session is coming up Tuesday, Dec. 18 and due to the group’s success, will continue every third Tuesday of the month from now until May. All ability levels are welcome. This month’s session will start at 6 p.m. After that, they’ll be starting at 5:30 p.m. to accommodate the library’s new hours.”

“New Hours?”

“That’s right, Libby. Starting Jan. 2, the library listened to what people had to say and will change the weekday hours to be consistent Tuesday through Friday. Hours of operation Tuesday through Friday will be 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., year-round. Hours of operation on Saturday (and Sunday during summer) will remain the same, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

“Before we go, we should remind our reader that they can check channels 6, 8 or 13 for information regarding library closings during winter. We will also post closure information on Facebook and Twitter.

Bob Cochran is a volunteer at Libby Memorial Library and jazz director at WMPG in Portland.

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