2018-12-06 / Letters

Reader says Biddeford is discriminating

To the editor:

I recently emailed the mayor of Biddeford about the new parking plan at city hall. As a member of a committee who meets there monthly and as a handicap person with a handicap placard. I have serious concerns about my ability to be able park in a handicap spot close to the back door near the elevator. I live on a very limited income and I cannot afford the parking passes and I will not pay for them. I can easily shop at Walmart or Biddeford Crossing, or in Saco. If I’m not able to use McArthur Library, I’ll go to Dyer Library in Saco. I do not own a car but borrow one and I cannot take a chance on having it towed. Plus, the fines and towing charges would be my grocery money for a whole month. I enjoy being on the Historic Committee. However, if provided no parking options I will resign. I was told by the mayor that I could not use the handicap spaces in the city hall parking lot without a pass. Really? I didn’t know you could hold handicap spaces from the disabled. Maine law states: A vehicle displaying a permanent placard, a temporary placard or a disability registration plate may park in a parking area with a meter without a charge, and may park a length of time that does not exceed twice the limit otherwise allowed (https://www.maine.gov/ sos/bmv/registration/dxfaqs.html).

That means I should not be prevented from parking in area with a meter (the city hall parking lot, or any other lot or handicap spot) with a handicap placard at any time. This also states with a meter, and if I read it correctly but any spot marked handicap or not, without paying. Also, I should not be ticketed, fined, or towed. You can not discriminate against the disabled, Mr. Mayor.

Steven Burr Biddeford

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