2019-01-17 / Letters

With MLK Day coming up, article doesn’t reflect how all of us feel

To the editor:

“White Liberals More Likely to Patronize Minorities Than Conservatives,” a Dec. 1 Washington Post article, reiterates that racism is a prominent and sensitive topic and makes up a large portion of the news every day. It is a constant cause of unrest that many struggle to change. With Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, Jan. 21, let’s consider this.

The content of the article is hampering to those of who simply seek peace and goodwill among all men. I question the value of this article. I say this because its message implies that we, who just happen to be white, have a preprocessed attitude. This is not a good thing, not good at all. And it is not true. To me it is nefarious and threatening, sewing seeds of resentment and only adds to the destabilization to our society. Who can feel self actualized and good about themselves and on an even playing field, when told they “need” special treatment, as this article reported. Could this be Russia, again, attempting to stir up more trouble among us?

This made me feel really upset, because it suggests that white people feel superior and are so nervy as to think they have the right to analyze others and to treat them accordingly. Again, this is not true. I know that I speak for all decent, reasonable, human beings, that when I see any of my fellow men thrive and be pleased with themselves, especially my fellow men of color, it brings joy and peace to me.

Bonnie Tallagnon Biddeford

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