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Libby Library offers frozen bubbles and food for the soul

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By Bob Cochran

I was looking over the colorful listing of upcoming events located behind the circulation desk here at Libby Memorial Library when, yet again, I heard the sound of frantic typing emanating from the staff room. Against my better judgement, I went to investigate, and found our mascot, Libby Lobster banging away at his latest writing project.

“What are you working on this time, Libby?”

“It’s something inspired by our upcoming week of winter crafty fun. They’re going to be making frozen bubbles during one of the events. It reminded me of the time, many years ago, when a friend of my Great Uncle Latimer Lobster, Klaus, the Alaskan king crab got carried away, in more ways than one, making frozen bubbles. He got so carried away that he became trapped in a giant bubble of his own making. He was then carried away by a gust of wind.”

“He floated in that bubble for many years, until one exceptionally warm day the bubble thawed, sending plummeting Earthward until he landed on a boat right in front of a film crew. Klaus thought ‘What a lucky break! I’m a star!!’ Unfortunately for him, they were filming an episode of “The ‘Deadliest Catch’... You can say he had one of the shortest careers in show business.”

“Libby, for once I’m actually glad I asked what you were writing. That story reminds me of a couple different events we have coming up. First off, you mentioned something about a week of winter crafty fun. That week you’re talking about is coming up Feb. 19 through Feb. 23, which just happens to be winter vacation week for our local schools. Each day during that week we’ll have a different, winter-themed craft activity for local children to enjoy. These activities include building snowmen, snow painting, making marshmallow igloos and much more. We’ll be wrapping up the week’s activities with a special showing of the movie “Snowbuddies” at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23.”

“Are you doing that story for the next Writer’s Group Meeting, Libby?

“I sure am. if you’re interested in joining our Writers’ Group, please come to our next meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19. Writers of poetry, fiction and nonfiction are all welcome.”

“You know. Libby, that story really moved something in me. I won’t say exactly.”

“Did you say moving? It reminds me that they’re moving Mahjong Thursday, not the day, just the Mahjong. We’ll be playing mahjong on Wednesdays from noon to 2 p.m. beginning Feb. 13.”

“While we’re at it, We should mention the reason for moving Mahjong. We’re doing it to make way for the return of our wildly popular Portrait Sessions. This year they’ll be held the second Thursday of each month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. starting Feb. 14. Artists at all skill levels are welcome, but you’ll need to bring your own supplies.”

“Libby, you know those tales you’re always regaling us with, They’re definitely genre-bending to say the least, which makes for a nice segue to the topic of our next upcoming event. It’s something new that we’re trying called a Book Tasting.”

“How many calories does a Stephen King novel have? I’m watching my thorax.”

“It’s not a literal book tasting, Libby. It’s a way for people who love reading to discover new writers. It’s also a great way for devotees of one genre to become acquainted with a different one which possesses some of the same elements that makes their current favorite so enjoyable. For example, someone who likes speculative fiction will find much to enjoy in a mystery, or horror lovers will find many familiar elements in current nonfiction.”

“When’s this Book Tasting happening, and will there be actual food?” Libby inquired.

“Both good questions, Libby. It’s happening this Saturday, Feb. 9, from 11 a.m. 1 p.m. in our Community Room, and yes, there will be real, non-wood pulp flavored, food.”

“Speaking of food, Libby, let’s grab some lunch. Before we go we should remind our readers to check channels 6, 8 or 13 for weather related library closures. Also, follow us on Facebook, our website, ooblibrary.org, or @ ooblibrary on Twitter.”

Bob Cochran is a volunteer at Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach and jazz director at WMPG in Portland.

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