2019-02-07 / News

Solution comes in form of dredge boat

(Abigail Worthing photo) (Abigail Worthing photo) As the Saco River is a federally navigable waterway, all $3.93 million of the costs for the project are paid for by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The material dredged from the easterly part of the river will create a 10-foot deep, 100-foot wide sand bar to be deposited on the beaches at Camp Ellis for replenishment purposes, as the tide change caused by the jetty leaves Camp Ellis open to erosion with every storm and high tide. The dredge material has already been studied and was determined to be the correct granular size for the beach, but will be slightly darker than the current sand. Saco has lost dunes, a railroad, four streets and 38 homes to erosion at Camp Ellis. In the city’s appeal to the Army Corps of Engineers to fund the dredge in the Saco River, officials put together a price on the economic impact that the Saco River has on Biddeford and Saco. Compiling current and potential revenue from businesses and recreation, the city came up with a cumulative estimate of between $53 to $54 million in economic impact. The dredge is expected to be completed in late spring.

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