2016-05-19 / Letters

Saco school construction – a vote to do nothing?

To the editor:

I was dismayed at the May 16 Saco City Council workshop when officials decided to do nothing. Not approve a bond, not vote it down – to do nothing. We heard the same tired arguments about the process not being properly vetted, about hoping that state funding becomes available and about watching out for the taxpayers.

First, the school construction committee worked for several years and considered many options. It’s time to move on. Anyone who feels that his or her input was not heard simply didn’t take the time to get involved while the process was occurring. You had your chance.

Second, there is no state funding available. There is no open list. There is no fairy god governor waiting to rain funding down on our city. It’s our responsibility to take care of our own children.

Third – all you are being asked to do is let the taxpayers decide. A vote on a bond in November lets the taxpayers watch out for themselves. You are all aware that the current proposal was the most cost-effective option and is what is best for the students.

Our kids deserve better, our city deserves better. Building a bright future for Saco will require some investments. This is one such time. This issue is coming back before council on Monday, June 6. Contact your councilor and tell them to do their job – send the bond to the voters

Mike Burman Saco

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