2016-07-14 / Letters

Stackpole Bridge news not surprising

To the editor:

I admit, I’ve always voted against restoring Stackpole Bridge. My reasons were not about the money being spent for a bridge only a few households will use or because the few times I drove over the bridge I came to realize not only can’t you see that you are driving over a historic structure, but you can’t park anywhere near the thing so that you could walk over and admire it. No, I voted against the project because after working on area construction projects for more than 30 years I strongly suspected there wasn’t anyone around who know how to do that kind of work anymore. Lo and behold. Historically, America has usually imported highly skilled stoneworkers and brick masons from Italy for these sort of structures.

I offer as a suggestion rerouting Simpson Road up or downstream of Stackpole Bridge over a modern bridge designed to allow one to admire the old bridge while passing by.

Mark D. Sevigny Saco

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