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Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre

It’s time to reclaim your life from stress and Dr. Ellie Rolnick from Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Biddeford can help you do that. “Stress can be physical, chemical or emotional: what we do with our bodies, what we put into our bodies and of course, how we respond to life’s stressors. About 90% of primary care physician visits are due to stress related problems. That’s pretty high. Our bodies are meant to react to stress and then recover from it.

“We all have the ability to adapt, but when we have been in a stressful state continually, over a period of time, our ability to adapt gets less and less. This is where disease comes in; this is how and why people get sick.” “If they’re lucky, they have symptoms, alerting them to the fact that something needs to change.”

Dr. Ellie said we’ve all heard about that person who seems completely healthy, but who suddenly suffers a heart attack. “Were they really healthy?” Dr. Ellie asks. “No.” Dr. Ellie says the best way to explain it is with the following story:

“Let’s suppose you’re taking a walk through the woods of Maine and you come upon a black bear. Your heart rate is going to get faster, your breathing is going to get faster, your hands will get cold and clammy because the blood leaves your ngers and goes to the muscles in your limbs to either ght the bear or run away.” She continues.

“All of this happens for a reason and while you’re ghting the bear, you’re aware of everything going on around you. Processes like digestion, reproduction and immune function are not important in that moment. However, when the black bear leaves or you escape it, you should recover from all that: your heart rate slows down, blood ow returns to normal and your systems begin working correctly again.” Here’s the challenge.

“We live in a society where people are stressed constantly. Our ability to adapt to the stress is not like it should be,” Dr. Ellie said, adding that more people are taking medications for digestive issues, experiencing infertility or chronic infections all due to excessive stress.

Dr. Ellie explains that an individual’s brain and nervous system is the interface between the outside world and what happens inside the body. We’re programmed to deal with stresses like the bear a few times a year not several times each day. With our body’s limited ability to adapt, the nervous system becomes overwhelmed. The nervous system controls the stress response, including heart rate and blood pressure as well as the digestive and immune systems.

“Chiropractic reduces interferences and increases the body’s adaptability,” says Dr. Ellie. “You can’t get rid of stress, but what you can do it improve the body’s ability to adapt. In doing that, it helps the body to heal itself, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do. The‘Stress Response Evaluation’ is a way we can measure the body’s ability to respond and adapt to stress and how our care improves that (see our ad for more info).”

BIDDEFORD/SACO – With more than 420 commercial and nonprofit members, the Biddeford+Saco Chamber of Commerce & Industry aims to help the region grow by supporting businesses and informing residents and tourists. Whether providing guidance to tourists about retail, restaurant and recreational businesses in the area, or helping a new business to navigate the legal and logistical requirements of opening, the Chamber is committed to making the greater Biddeford-Saco region a destination point for residents and tourists alike.

James Jasper, who handles business development for the Chamber, said the Chamber is always evolving to meet the current needs of local businesses, driven by the needs of the community. Jasper said the Chamber doesn't work just to increase its membership, but works to offer programs that benefit its members and the community at large.

“Having a high membership number is great, but we want members to get a return on their investment,” Jasper said.

The Chamber supports a welcome center, located at 28-34 Water St. in Biddeford. Jasper said staff frequently directstourists and residents to resources they are seeking.

All of the Chamber's members are posted on its website, where each member has a profile page and an opportunity to post job openings, press releases, events and links to their websites and Facebook pages. The website also compiles useful information for visitors and residents, such as tide charts, a calendar of local events and listings of places to reserve overnight accommodations, eat out or simply have fun.

Jasper said the Chamber constantly tries to distribute information about the region beyond the area, by displaying information at all the state's turnpike rest areas and attending trade or travel expositions in Boston and Canada.

Jasper said many times, people think of the Chamber of Commerce as being a resource for just businesses. However, a good portion of the Chamber's members include nonprofit organizations.

“They all work to make the area more robust and well-rounded,” Jasper said.

One such nonprofit that the Chamber has recently joined forces with is the Saco Bay Center for Civic Engagement, which now shares office space with the Chamber.

“Their focus is to help match people up with volunteer opportunities and help nonprofits any way they can,” Jasper said. “So we thought, let's join forces, let's work together.” Jasper said the Chamber has also developed a workforce development initiative, focusing on training and career development for what businesses today need. Chamber Executive Director Craig Pendleton will take th lead on this high priority project.

“Industry jobs today are so much more high tech,” Jasper said. “We're letting people know that if you want the opportunity, it's here and Biddeford-Saco has it. There is industry, restaurants, arts … We're making people aware of that and kind of changing the focus. Instead of Maine is an aging state, we have the opportunity to keep younger Millenials in the work force and even draw some people back to the community.”

Among the Chambers' members are the area's largest employer, Southern Maine Health Care, many sole proprietorships and even municipalities such as the town of Waterboro, which recently joined. Jasper said the Chamber supports not only businesses in Biddeford and Saco, but businesses in the greater region.

“The Chamber is an umbrella and underneath it, we do many different things,” Jasper said. “We focus on the whole area, everywhere from Main Street to Camp Ellis (in Saco) to Biddeford Pool to shopping plazas – everywhere there is a business. Whether it's an industrial park or on Main Street or the Route 1 corridor – wherever it is, it's important to the community, it adds more options, more diversity.

“We want to help however we can. There's always questions along the way and we are here as a resource for them to answer the questions. If we don't have the answers, we'll find somebody who does know the answer.”

The Chamber will host a job fair on Sept. 14 at XL Sports World at 400 North St. in Saco, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., followed by an expo from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

Jasper said residents, tourists and businesses alike are welcome to call the Chamber with any questions.

“Call anytime and say, 'I need help with dot, dot, dot.' How can we help you?” Jasper said.

For more information, visit the Chamber's website at www.biddefordsacochamber.org.

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