2016-09-01 / Letters

Role models are powerful; candidate included in list

To the editor:

I grew up here in Biddeford and I’m proud to be attending Biddeford High School. It’s inspiring to see graduates of Biddeford High School achieving great things and representing the city. Brian Dumoulin reminded me that anything is possible when he won the Stanley Cup. Crystal Corbeil-Muse shows me that you can help your children achieve their dreams as she achieves success personally while also enabling her daughters’ success. I share this because I support my older cousin, Matt Lauzon, who is running for District 12 state representative and is yet another role model.

He grew up here, he has seen success and he’s chosen to come back to Biddeford and work for a bright future. I’ve seen firsthand that he cares about helping those around him succeed and he’s another role model that helps inspire and motivate our city’s next generation of leaders. He inspired a group of my friends to get involved in our community and to stand up for what we believe in. If you vote for Matthew Lauzon I believe you’ll see him inspire more students just the same.

Luke Ringuette Biddeford

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