2016-09-29 / Letters

Fellow Democrat isn’t comfortable with incumbent

To the editor:

I’m a longtime member of the Democratic Party and am part of the York County Democratic Committee. I don’t often speak against my party, but the knowledge I have of Rep. Martin Grohman needs to be heard.

In July 2015, he reached out to me offering support for a nonprofit organization I had recently started. Knowing his experience was primarily in energy and the environment I entered the meeting leery of his motive but open to the possibility. We met. We talked. He agreed to make a financial contribution. It never arrived. This sparked me to research his past dealings. I found a very open letter written by him that recaps the collapse of the business he started in 1999, Correct Building Products LLC. He started this business, in part, with taxpayer money – including more than $250,000 from a state-funded entity, Maine Technology Institute. In 2008, a class action lawsuit was filed which lead to the LLC filing bankruptcy. In this letter, he describes how the business used a 363 sale reestablishing as Correct Property Management LLC. A 363 sale involves a bankruptcy filing where the company then re-organizes as part of the acquiring company. This sale resulted in Grohman getting taken care of and everyone else, well, they got laid off. Businesses don’t always make it, I get that. But the language and tone in his letter bothers me still today. It was one of pride and excitement. It lacked any sense of responsibility or empathy for those who were left without a job, left with bad product, and left with poorly used tax dollars. To say I’m grateful I didn’t pursue a working relationship with him would be an understatement. It is obvious Grohman prioritized his needs over taxpayers, and took advantage of so many. The new LLC, (listed with the same address as Grohman’s home), paid Grohman a significant amount of money. A true leader would have given it back to the taxpayers from whom it was taken. The last line of this open letter says, “Come visit us sometime – I’ll buy you a lobster.” If this is his way of taking care of those that were taken advantage of, I certainly do not want him representing me in Augusta.

Melissa Bednarowski Biddeford

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