2016-10-06 / Letters

Commissioner encourages residents to vote

To the editor:

As a representative of Ward 3 in the Biddeford Charter Revision Commission, I urge all Biddeford voters to review the changes that the nine members of the commission have agreed to submit to be voted on in the November elections. The commission went through the whole city charter to establish a good blueprint for maintaining a good procedure for making sure that the city is run in an efficient, fair and orderly manner.

The numerous questions were deemed necessary to bring the city charter into the 21st century and to ensure that it doesn’t need to be revised for quite a while. The changes can be reviewed in pamphlets that have been mailed with the tax bills, distributed in several areas in the city including the city clerk’s office at city hall or request a copy be mailed to you by the city clerk.

I also recommend that you request an absentee ballot from the city clerk so that you can vote from the comfort of your home at your leisure.

Raymond E. Tardif Biddeford

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