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Judge intends to seek election in future years

To the editor:

I would like to thank the voters of York County who supported my recent re-election bid. It is unfortunate that there was a second Independent candidate in this race. His presence cost more than 25,000 votes. We believe that a majority of those votes would have otherwise been in my column and would have led to the continuation of critical, experienced judicial service and efficiencies in our probate court despite historical, ridiculously inadequate county financial support for badly needed additional judicial time. His presence divided the vote and enabled the Democratic candidate, Mr. Bryan Chabot of Wells, who has never tried a case in my court to final judgment during my 16 years on the bench so far, to prevail by a small margin over my second place finish. He will find the work he is about to engage in to be more than challenging.

It is also unfortunate that Mr. Chabot engaged in very negative campaign tactics highlighting very brief judicial suspensions relating to events from eight and 12 years ago, respectively. Those matters never involved or were relevant to any judicial decision ever made by me, nor were they impediments to my subsequent re-elections. The matters at issue were consequently akin to Deflategate and vastly paled by comparison to the actions of public servants like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy who continued to serve the public well.

Suspension was the best that Mr. Chabot could argue, so he ran with it to successfully confuse the voters. The real issue in the election should have been his critical lack of essential probate experience. Our families, children and adult incapacitated loved ones, deserve better than the recent election outcome.

There are also investigations being pursued regarding some very troubling campaign activities concerning my opponents and Register Carol Lovejoy, particularly associated with campaign sign-related matters during the recent election. These things will become public at the appropriate times. Witnesses have been coming forward. We encourage others to who saw things happening to our campaign signs to come forward as well, by calling 494- 8086.

I intend to seek a return to this important office in 2020.

Bob Nadeau York County Judge of Probate

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