2016-12-29 / Letters

Read between lines in senator’s message

To the editor:

In his Dec. 15 “Christmas lesson” column, our new State senator, Justin Chenette, set the tone for just how fair and all inclusive he intends to be. He opens by chiding us to be “mindful of balance” while he derides and foretells how he believes Gov. Paul LePage will act in his last two years in office.

Is this really “balanced mindfulness” or predetermined bias on how he intends to meet the challenges of the upcoming legislative session? He then opines about his youth and his new found national fame, awe struck by the immense responsibility of representing “all” of us? Yet he already has “his” legislative priorities set. He views providing information and constituent services as one of the most important part of his job. Don’t we have state agencies that already do that? Representing us is his most important job; not being a social services coordinator. I respect his youthful energy and commitment to service. But, he better be mindful that he is not just a new Senate Democrat, but a senator expected to represent us all. Otherwise, he may just be the youngest one-time senator in the state’s history.

John Thibault Old Orchard Beach

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