2017-01-05 / Editorial


In “Municipalities begin discussion of marijuana,” in the Courier’s Dec. 29 issue, it should have been noted that Councilor Bob Mills effectively voted in favor of the moratorium on the first vote before the vote was reconsidered. Mills and Councilor Robert Quattrone switched their votes to opposition after a successful motion to reconsider, which Quattrone made after admitting that he had voted the wrong way by accident.

“As a matter of record,” Mills wrote to the Courier, “I haven’t supported any moratoriums on the issue and still will not.” Although video of the meeting shows that Mills did not, on the first vote, raise his hand on the mayor’s calls for either favor or opposition, the effect of that action by a councilor is to vote favoring the motion, since there is no option to abstain, according to Mayor Alan Casavant.

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