Thornton Academy students have received top awards for the state of Maine in the Classical Association of New England’s annual writing contest. This year’s contest prompted students to write about treachery and trickery. Junior Hannah Faucher of Saco won first place with a poem and senior Avery McKenzie, also of Saco, placed second with his commentary on the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops. Entries can be viewed on the Maine Classics Association website: http://maineclassics.org/2017/01/27/maine-winners-of-the-cane-writing-co.... Faucher had been writing prose for National Novel Writing Month in November for a Latin assignment. She said that it’s valuable for students to study Latin “because everything begins with Latin. It’s important to know where you come from.” McKenzie chose to write about the story of the Cyclops because “there are so many different versions on what happened” and he wanted to share his perspective. Avery McKenzie and Hannah Faucher 15p1.jpg