Colonel Lewis was adopted from Lucky Pup Rescue six years ago and is coming back into rescue due to a changing family; he is healthy and happy; he may be a Norwegian Elkhound, perhaps mixed with husky. The Colonel is fine with the children in his family, he mostly ignores the baby. They don’t have cats but if he sees one outside he will bark and growl. Since he’s never been with one indoors it’s unknown if he’d be safe with feline buddies in the home. Colonel Lewis has not lived with other dogs but he gets along with dogs that are friends of the family. He will be a little reactive to dogs on a walk and he is not automatically friends with every dog he meets. The Colonel is in good health; he has matching bald spots on his sides which the vet says is like “male pattern baldness” in humans but don’t tell the Colonel he is “old” because he doesn’t think so. He’s only 7.5 years old and he weighs about 75 pounds. The Colonel really shines in his love for people. He loves to meet new people and he likes everyone but if it gets overwhelming in the house with a lot of people he will find a quiet place. He loves tug of war and fetch and loves to go on walks. Thunderstorms make him a little nervous. Won’t you consider giving Colonel Lewis the retirement home he deserves? For more information, visit www.luckypuprescue.org. (Courtesy photo) 23p1.jpg