Far left, Justice Hartford, who accompanied her boyfriend Alex Caron to the Blessing of the Animals, had a special surprise keeping warm and snuggling under her sweatshirt, a bearded dragon named “Groot,” named after a character in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Left, Buxton resident Alex Caron attended the Blessing of the Animals at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Saco with his mother, Biddeford resident and congregation member Eleanor Rolnick. He took time to show off this Maine Coon, Crookshanks, named after Hermione’s cat in “Harry Potter. Bottom left, UUC Board member Niki Norman, left, joined congregation members John Ambrose and Malory Ferguson for a photograph. Ambrose, originally from South Portland, but now resides in Danvers, Massachusetts, attended with his husband, Laurence Miller, who was guest minister for Blessing of the Animals. Below, UUC Board member Anne Dobson of Saco with her mini-poodle Maestrao, at the entrance to the church before morning services, alongside a welcoming sign for all invited “critters’ to the event. (Alex MacPhail photos) 26p1.jpg